February 11th - After a long, long hiatus, I'm BACK! New website, as you may have noticed. There's a new bio and slightly expanded 'Story' section.

If not, feel free to browse the rest of the site. There's some new stuff in the Character Design gallery, and Anime gallery (now condensed with the chibi gallery).

Also, commissions are open again! I've decided to stick with being a freelance artist for now, and see if I really just can't make this work.

- Shadilyn



Current Commissions & Projects:

  • Character Designs for Jelly Paladin
  • Sprites & CGs for Kako No Koi
  • Key - Chapter 4
  • Shan Shan - Chapter 4

Recently Completed:

  • New websites (Shadilyn, Key, SS)
  • COLLEGE! Muahaha!




Hi, I'm Flora (AKA Shadilyn)!

Simply an artist who likes to create bright, pretty, sometimes silly, but upright works. :P

I run on café lattés, shounen anime, and sheer stupidity optimism.

Thank you for visiting my online art portfolio!

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